Value Added Service numbers

When abroad, the price displayed for calls and texts to Value Added Service (VAS) numbers applies to local users. When roaming users use these VAS numbers, there is always a surcharge, even for services advertised as free.

A value-added service (VAS) is any communication addressed to numbers such as premium-rate numbers, freephone numbers or shared cost numbers. VAS numbers give access to a service e.g. gaming, matchmaking, content editing, information, doctors on call, etc.. The cost of these services can vary considerably depending on the country visited or the number used. The operator charges the cost of these services in addition to the cost of the call or text.

In principle, customers roaming within the European Union benefit from the same rates as they enjoy in Belgium, without any additional costs.

However, this does not apply when the roaming customer makes calls or sends texts to VAS numbers in the country they are visiting or to Belgian, European or international VAS numbers. If so, Proximus will charge the customer a surcharge, even for services advertised as free, because Proximus will have to pay the operator in the country they have visited a surcharge for routing the call or text to the VAS number.